Opals are Australia’s national gemstones and they come in a wide range of vibrant colors, patterns and shapes. It’s an honor for us to source this precious gemstone directly from Australia’s Opal mines and design timeless pieces of jewelry.

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Opal 1:

  • Stone: Australian Boulder Opals (4) and Solid White Opals (2)

  • Carat: Approx. 6.33 total

  • Cut: Pear, teardrop and triangle

  • Play of Color: Blue, green, lavender, purple, orange and red hues

  • Clarity and Transparency: Opaque and Semi-Transparent

  • Pattern: Peacock and pinpoint

  • Setting: Bezel

  • Origin: Queensland, Australia

Accent Stone:

  • Stone: Ruby

  • Carat: 0.22

  • Cut: Round

  • Color: Pinkish red

  • Clarity: Slight inclusions

  • Setting: Bezel


  • 7 grams of 14K Yellow Gold