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Marriage Proposal Tips

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Here are some tips to be prepared for perfect marriage proposal.

1. Talk to her about marriage and be sure that both of you stand on the same page, if she expresses any hesitation, that means now is not the right time for the proposal. But if you both agree, then your next step is to get preparations for an engagement.

2. You must have an engagement ring. It is a symbol of your commitment. If you can't afford the best right now, give her an option of upgrading the engagement ring in the future.

3. The next hardest step is to find out what kind of engagement rings she likes. Try to pick up hints she'll drop about her taste in engagement rings. Check out what kind of jewelry she wears. You also can ask her best friend, mother, or sister to help you find the right engagement ring. 

 4. Tell her family. If you want to be accepted by her family, you should make sure to include them throughout the proposal process.

5. Ask friends to help you. Sometimes the best proposals are pulled off via connections.

6. Right timing is the key of perfect proposal. If you're having a hard time finding that perfect moment, wait it out. Never be impatient. Make sure your proposal comes at a time that makes the moment absolutely perfect.

7. The other key for perfect proposal is the location. Choose a location that is special for both of you. And make sure that location is romantic.

8. Some people are trying to make their proposal extravagant , but it is important to make proposal uniquely you. Sometimes a quiet proposal over dinner suits couples better.

9. Prepare a speech. Don't forget to include why you want to marry her and why you want to spend the rest of your life with her. That will touch her heart strings.

10. The surprise factor is a major factor in proposals. Even she knows, you planning the proposal, but she doesn't know the day, so keep it in secret.

11. A proposal should be special and romantic , and it should be a moment that truly sweeps her off her feet. 

12. Try not to be too obvious, you might take her a place more familiar to both of you.

13. Be a gentleman and get down on one knee. 

14. Do everything from the heart, and you will win her heart!



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