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New Additions to Our Gorgeous Opalescence Collection

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Australia produces around 95% of the world's Opals. Also, Brazil, Ethiopia, Medico, Peru and United States. There is more than meets the eye. The play-of-color you see in Opals is due to millions of tiny silica spheres of different sizes.These spheres refract the light and couse the beautiful spectral colors you see. The spheres have to be just the right size and  of a uniform nature to create enough color for our eyes to see.Precious opal can flash a number of colors such as bright yellow, orange, green, blue, red or purple.

Opal is the official birthstone for October. Some people discredited Opals in the 19th century. But this campaign has failed and now Opals are considered the best gemstone and a status symbol.

Queen Victoria's favorite gemstone was Opal. She had Sapphires, Rubies, and Diamonds from all over the British Empire, but fell in love with the intoxicating colors of Opals, Since, this Kaleidoscopic gem encompassed the red of  Ruby, the gree of Emerald, the yellow of Topaz, the blue of Sapphire and the purple of Amethyst". Pop Culture Andy Warhol, the King of the Rock & Roll Elvis Presley, Actress Cate Blanchett...  They all owned Opal Jewelry.

You also can wear your precious Opal jewelry in any occasion, or in casual days, too. 

Introducing our Opalescence Collection

We are introducing our new Opalescence Collection. If you love one of a kind, organic jewelry, you will love this collection. We have taken Opal Doublets and Boulder Opals, wrapped them in gold and diamonds and created beautiful rings and pendants.What are Doublets and Boulder Opals? A Doublet is an opal that has been sliced, [...]

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